Every hour, every day, year round, we support families in the greatest act of love- CAREGIVING
Every hour, every day, year round, we support families in the greatest act of love- CAREGIVING

Nightingale Home Support & Care, Inc is a very unique home health care agency that caters to the needs of affluent retired professionals and older adults who wish to delay or avoid the need for Assisted Living and Nursing Home facilities.


We take assisted living services into the homes of older adults so they do not have to move. We help older adults live life their own way-in the comfort of their home safely and happily doing exactly what they enjoy doing for as long as it is possible.


By the time some people find us on line, they have already visited quite a few sites, made several calls and have tons of brochures all over the house and still don’t have the kind of help they need. These kinds of people usually call off their search by the time they go through our entire website 



...because, we help older adults with almost anything!

We are proud to be featured on the North East Ohio Elite Expert Network. Our Chief Caregiving Officer is moving the American Elderly Health Care System forward. Watch the business TV on-line show here.

Here are a few examples of the kinds of things we do:

  • Every day, we provide round the clock care to a lady who is very well with the exception of some short term memory loss. We live with her, we take her to church, to the doctors, to the hair dresser every week and to the country club when ever she feel like it.
  • 2 times a day, we go into a home of an ex-marine officer who is partially paralyzed from an old stroke. We help him with his exercises, make a meal, pour out his medicines from a pill box, clean up, do the laundry, bring in the paper and then if we go grocery shopping we drop him off at an adult day center for card games and lunch and we pick him up after a few hours and take him back to his home.
  • In the winter time, our caregivers fly to the West Coast and to the South Eastern States (in alternating weekly shifts ) to provide care for one of our clients (a retired doctor) who lives in the South and the West Coast during the Winter months. Our care givers do just about everything for him that his family would do: cook, clean, drive him around, play golf, watch the Indians practice,  go to dinner and even the Opera.
  • Three days a week, we go into the home of this retired accountant. She lives with her daughter and son in law who are both doctors with very busy lives. We help her with her shower, we style her hair, get her dressed and then we take her to adult day care. Her daughter picks her up and takes her home at the end of the day. This is the way they provide 24 hours care to her without paying a lot of money (adult day care cost about 3 times less than in home care) and without doing all the care by themselves.

We Are Providers Of Assisted Living In The Home  

Watch Our On Line TV Show & Learn How To Enhance The Quality Of Life For Your Loved One & A Gratifying Experience For You. 


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We are the only home care agency serving on the board of the Ohio Care Planning Council and advocating for care planning at the national level. Read our articles here and see why we enjoy such a fine reputation. 

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