Every hour, every day, year round, we support families in the greatest act of love- CAREGIVING
Every hour, every day, year round, we support families in the greatest act of love- CAREGIVING

Care Management

Care management is the service that helps the older adult, the family members and the health care providers to organize, coordinate and deliver the best quality of care possible under the circumstances at hand.

At Nightingale Home Support & Care, Inc, our care management team has 3 goals.     

  1. To relieve the caregiving stress on hand
  2. To locate, plan for, coordinate and deliver the best quality of care at the most cost effective rate available
  3. To help the older adult find meaning and quality of life in their later years.

The focus is more life out of days than days out of life 



  • Level of care assessments.
  • Care planning services
  • Care and or case management
  • Resource and referral development
  • Home safety evaluations
  • Monitoring and oversight of care
  • Senior advocacy
  • Crisis intervention
  • Care facility review
  • Coordination of services and service providers
  • Assistance with the organization of relocating a loved one, setup of housekeeping or transportation services 


  1. Conduct a level of care assessment to identify caregiving problems and to recommend caregiving solutions
  2. Provide crisis intervention in the home, at a hospital and at a care facility.
  3. Screen, match and arrange for in-home help or other caregiving services including assistance in hiring qualified caregivers at home
  4. Function as a liaison to families who are far away and even those who are close by for overseeing, coordinating and responding to family members in the event    of a caregiving problem
  5. Facilitating the relocation of an older adult to and from a retirement community,assisted living facility or a nursing home
  6. Provide advocacy and eldercare education to families and other care team members
  7. Provide eldercare counselling and support
  8. Review financial, legal and medical issues and to offer referrals to all appropriate medical and care specialist
  9. Provide financial, legal and medical review and assessments for the application of benefits including Veteran Administration aid and attendance benefit, long term care insurance and state medical waivers
  10. Help family members keep SANE and to find MEANING and JOY as they juggle responsibilities in all their caregiving roles


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For free care management help sessions, become a Lamplighter of the Caregiver Relief Network. Find out more here  www.CaregiverReliefNetwork.com.  


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