Every hour, every day, year round, we support families in the greatest act of love- CAREGIVING
Every hour, every day, year round, we support families in the greatest act of love- CAREGIVING

The Caregiving Institute

The CAREgiving Institute is a 501 (3)(c), not for profit organization. We specialize in consultation, education and training for senior care services. We create resources and options for today's and tomorrow's elderly.

Our goal is to educate, train, and empower one million care givers by the year 2030. We have termed our goal PROJECT 2030. The objectives of PROJECT 2030 are to increase access to caregiving resources, encourage and advocate for long term care planning, reduce cost of care, enhance the quality of life for older adults, reduce ill health associated with caregiver stress and to facilitate avenues for “moving on” when caregiving is no longer an integral part of the care giver's life.

The Caregiver Relief Network is The Virtual Arm of the CAREgiving Insitute. It is the only global platform that transforms caregiving into a GRATIFYING EXPERIENCE.


Join us for the next free session of You May Have Parkinson's But Parkinson's Does Not Have To Have You on the second Monday of each month at 2pm EST. 

ENTER HERE link to www.CareGiverReliefNetwork.com 

We aim to reduce the social and economic impact of the five trends that are and will be affecting the supply of caregivers in the near future:

  • Decreasing family size especially when the caregiver dies either before or shortly after the care recipient
  • More women re-entering the workplace causing the number of available family caregivers to drastically reduce
  • Increase in divorce and remarriage rates causing more complex Caregiving situations
  • Delayed childbearing influencing the number of adults in the family and in the community
  • Increased geographic mobility from the economic crisis


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We are the only home care agency serving on the board of the Ohio Care Planning Council and advocating for care planning at the national level. Read our articles here and see why we enjoy such a fine reputation. 

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