Every hour, every day, year round, we support families in the greatest act of love- CAREGIVING
Every hour, every day, year round, we support families in the greatest act of love- CAREGIVING



Hospitals are turning into a giant ICU so patients who are admitted are much sicker today than patients where admitted into hospitals ten and fifteen years ago.

The problem is this: For every day that you place an older adult in a hospital or rehab bed, he/she loses 3-5 (possibly more for people with movement disorders) days of their pre-hospital level of body functioning. After only a few days in the hospital, your loved one may not be able to walk or to take care of his/her personal care needs. Then, here come the discussion of rehab. Sometimes, he/she may show symptoms of dementia with or after a hospital stay.


Statistics has shown that 85% of the people who go into the rehab facility never turn to their home…they get transferred into a long-term care facility because they need more care than their family caregivers are able to provide at the time.  What if you are not prepared for that or your loved one does not want to go but needs a lot of care after a hospital stay? What if your loved one wants to come home or stay home and age in place?

We created our post rehab and post hospital care program as a solution.

This service is designed either our movement disorder certified RN or our geriatric care manager and the care is performed by our Life Enhancement Caregivers.



We begin with an assessment of the level of care. We will meet families at the hospital or rehab facility if needed to discuss and plan the care. We will begin the care as soon as it is needed and very often, 24 hours of care is needed. We begin those with 2-3 shifts in a day of 8-12 hours each and we will do this for 7-14 days and then reevaluate. Very often, 24 hours is needed for only a short time while the care recipient regains his/her pre hospital level of functioning.  We will adjust the care program as needed. Very often, the cost of care goes down after the first 30 days barring other health issues or complications.  

Additional services offered in this program include:

•             Personal care & hygiene

•             Incontinence care to improve bladder and bowel continue

•             Restorative exercises to get your loved one walking again

•             Parkinson’s care

•             Movement disorder care

•             Post stroke care

•             Post hospital care

•             Post-surgical care

•             Post rehab care

•             Palliative and hospice support care 


The BIG GOALS of this program are 3 pronged.

  • To support the care recipient in regaining their highest functional level in the shortest amount of time possible.
  • To delay the need for an assisted living or nursing home move or to make is possible for someone to continue living in an assisted living facility even when the level of care has been increased.
  • To support someone who is transitioning from one level of care to another including palliative and hospice care.


To learn more about this service or to discuss your pressing situations, we invite you to join our free monthly virtual class titled Assisted Living At Home: Practical Solutions After A Hospital or Rehab Stay 



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