Every hour, every day, year round, we support families in the greatest act of love- CAREGIVING
Every hour, every day, year round, we support families in the greatest act of love- CAREGIVING

Our Client Feedback

Every hour, every day, year round we support families in the greatest act of love; Caregiver!

Here are a few of the remarks we recieve from our clients. Please feel free to write about how you feel about our services! 

"Nightingale was there to provide round-the-clock critical care for my father when he was released from the hospital just three days after major surgery. We had skilled nursing support instantly. After an extensive search, I found Nightingale; it was the only homecare agency available to meet all Dad’s needs. Nightingale fills a loophole in the system.  If our family would have had to provide that kind of critical care ourselves, we would have been exhausted.  The family needs sleep.  You can't help your critically ill parent if you are too tired to function properly.  Everyone should have Nightingale's phone number for such emergencies."

Thanks again

Judy CA

"I will like to express how pleased we are with our caregiver.  She is wonderful, very caring, hard worker, compassionate and very efficient.  Wish to express our thanks for your services."

Mrs M

Mentor OH

"Nightingale's services "are a god send!

If my parents were left on their own, they would just curl up in a chair, You make sure they are up and dressed and had something to eat every day. Your services are a godsend.   I couldn't care for my parents without your help. You offer a steadying hand. Thanks again"




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We are the only home care agency serving on the board of the Ohio Care Planning Council and advocating for care planning at the national level. Read our articles here and see why we enjoy such a fine reputation. 

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